Latest Updates *The DBT STAR COLLEGE SCHEME is a scheme of Department of Biotechnology, Government of India. Bijoy Krishna Girls' College, Howrah has received the prestigious DBT STAR COLLEGE SCHEME grant for five science departments, namely, Chemistry Mathematics Microbiology Physics and  Zoology

Bijoy Krishna Girls' College, Howrah

Estd : 1st August 1947. Affilliated to University of Calcutta

NCTE approved NAAC B++ (3rd Cycle) accredited College with CPE status

DBT Star College

(ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified)

Vision & Mission

Our commitments towards an enriched all encompassing development of our students have help us formulate our mission along the following lines:-


  • To enlighten and impart proper education to our students so that they can find their own niche in the society.
  • To generate social, economic and political awareness among the students in order to enable them to take up leading role in overall socio-economic development of the country at large.
  • To promote the cause of girl students, emerging from socially and economically backward strata of the society and assist them in establishing their individual entity.

Institutional Distinctiveness

Bijoy Krishna Girls' College, Howrah, is known for transforming and empowering the girl students who come from diverse backgrounds ranging from underprivileged sections to affluent ones and both urban and rural. This college was established by a wise visionary , Sri Bijoy Krishna Bhattacharya with a mission to empower the girls’ students and to help them to find their place in this diverse world. The college believes that growing within is the way to uplift oneself. Nurturing the potential of students, enabling them, empowering them to carve their unique paths is the motto behind all the activities performed within the . Every co-curricular and extra- curricular activity carried out for the students  help to facilitate self-growth, self-worth and actualization of potential  through myriad ways of empowerment and competence building.

Over the years there has been a conscious effort on the part of all involved to attain an outlook that is an ideal mix of tradition and modernity, discipline and freedom, acceptance and resistance that is essential for the holistic development of the girls students. Following this trend the college has organised some outstanding programmes that it believes will act as props for the students in their path of development. Nowadays along with regular education women need to learn how to be intellectually simulative , assertive and socially matured. Considering the need of the hour the governing authorities of the college has opened a Women Study Centre in collaboration with WSRC, University of Calcutta.  This is a skill development course as it equips the learners to achieve skill in job market, such as NGOs, further studies in the fields of social work, developmental studies in several research organizations, human rights,  law, cyber crime, clinical counsellors etc. In addition to this , a few selective students were sent for Workshop to recruit women undergraduate to pursue studies in STEM , organised by U.S Department of  State at the US Consulate in Kolkata. These trained girls in turn interacted with all girls of Science Stream of the college to make them aware of the concept of STEM. Workshop on Women’s safety in collaboration with Infidea is organised by the college. Teachers and student attended the Workshop on Self  Defence in collaboration with US Consulate General, Kolkata,  in Association with Kolkata Police and Academy of Aikido . World Yoga Day was celebrated. All these programmes were organised with the purpose of bolstering Women Empowerment.