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Bijoy Krishna Girls' College, Howrah

Estd : 1st August 1947. Affilliated to University of Calcutta

NCTE approved NAAC B accredited College with CPE status

Department of Computer Sciences

Teachers Profile

Sushmita Pramanik


M.Sc(Computer Science)

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Mayurakshi Jana


M.Sc (Computer Science)

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Joy Adhikary


M.Sc., M.Tech

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  1. Name of the Department                               :               COMPUTER SCIENCE


  1. Year of Establishment                     :               1996 (General), 1999 (Honours)


  1. History of the Department           :


The Department of Computer Science was established in the year 1996. At first the department started its journey by only offering Computer Science General Course under the University of Calcutta. After that, in 1999 the Honours Course was introduced. Now the Department of Computer Science offers both Honours (with intake capacity 29) and General courses.


  1. Mission & Vision                                 :

Department of computer science is provided the quality of undergraduate education and believed in mutual concessions and compromises. Our friendly behaviour may helps to forge a productive teacher student relationship which is very much effective in classroom learning process. We are very much committed to a well rounded professional education for students and try to prepare students for advanced studies and also on careers growth.

  1. Courses Offered                                   :               UG Honours and General under University of Calcutta


  1. Number of Teaching Posts            :





Associate Professor



Assistant Professor





04 (CCTT)

01 (Visiting)


  1. Faculty Details                                     :


Name of the Faculty



Teaching Experience (Years)

Anindya Dasgupta

B. Tech, MIETE (Electronics)

Visiting Faculty


Sushmita Pramanik

M.Sc. (Computer Science)



Mayurakshi Jana

M.Sc. (Computer Science)



Aritra Brahma

M.Sc. (Computer Science)



Joy Adhikary

M.Sc, M.Tech (I.T)




  1. Class Room Details                            :


Theory Class Room


Smart Room





  1. Departmental Infrastructure     :


  • The department provides extensive computing resources for education. This includes high performance computers in air-conditioned software laboratory and well equipped hardware components in air-conditioned hardware laboratory.
  • Available tools/components in Software and hardware laboratory
  1. Desktop PC
  2. Laptop
  3. Projector
  4. Printers & Printer-cum-scanner
  5. 8085 Microprocessor Kits
  6. Digital ICs
  7. Analog equipments like CRO, diode, function generator
  8. Operating systems (Windows 7 & Linux)
  9. Back-end-tools (Oracle Database, MySQL)
  10. Utility softwares like M.S. Office
  11. Programming Languages (Dev C++, Visual Basic 6.0, PHP, Python)
  12. Document Publishing Packages (PDF writer, Latex).
  • Fully Air conditioned Software Labs with ICT facility.
  • Internet facilities available
  • Fully Air conditioned Hardware Lab
  • Department is used social networking media to help our students connect and collaborate on a deeper level, due to this we provides free wireless internet connectivity for students.
  • Department is used Online Attendance System.


  1. Analysis of Result                               :


Name of Exam

Total Appeared

Result Cleared

Success Rate (%)


B.Sc. CMSA Semester – I




B.Sc. CMSA Part – I




B.Sc. CMSA Part – II






  1. Teacher Student Ratio    :               1 : 30


  1. Achievements                       :


  • The Department of Computer Science always played significant role in computer education in the college. The department is successfully arranged many conference, seminar or workshop in every year. It is very much effective for students to sharpen their skills and gets opportunity to meet experts. It helps students to learn new ideas and approaches to make them more efficient.
  • Our students are performed very well in their study as well as different section likes “Women for Women Programme (Change Initiatives)”,“IQM 2018”, ”Annual Sports”, “Cultural Programme”, etc.
  • The Department has organized a large number of academic activities which helps to upgrade the knowledge of students and also on faculties.





  1. Success Stories of Students                         :


  • Priti Das became the University Topper in B.Sc. Computer Science Honours in 2017.
  • Prattusa Mallik was selected for British Council.


  1. Departmental Workshop / Seminar      :


Date of Workshop / Seminar

Name of Workshop / Seminar

Workshop / Seminar Type

Organized by

24. 09. 2018

One Day Workshop on
Fundamentals of Computer Science

College Level Workshop

Dept. of Computer Science, Dept. of Mathematics and IQAC

05 & 06. 02. 2018

Facets of Basic Science and Applications

International Seminar

IQAC and All Science Departments



  1. Departmental Activities                                                :


  1. Number of Seminar/Workshop Held


Academic Year

No. of Seminar/Workshop Held








  1. Number of Field Trips                                     :               N/A


  1. Number of Research Projects                     :               0


  1. Minutes of Departmental Meeting          :               Updated


  1. SWOC Report                                         :


  1. Strength


  • Highly qualified dedicated faculties.
  • Sufficient notes for all the subjects.
  • Well equipped computer systems.
  • Interaction with the parents of the students through Parent-Teacher Meeting at regular interval.
  • Class tests on regular basis.
  • Extra classes for slow learners.
  • Doubt clearing, problem and solution discussion after the end of each chapter.
  • The department has highly qualified faculty members along with proper infrastructure. The department has developed a good rapport with the IT industry. Seminars and workshops are organized regularly to help the faculty and students to update their knowledge about the latest developments.


  1. Weakness


  • No smart labs.
  • Computer systems needed to be upgraded.
  • Lack of theory class rooms.
  • No departmental library.


  1. Opportunities


  • Departmental library can be started.
  • Labs can be updated.
  • Computer systems can be modified.


  1. Challenges


  • Lack of good microelectronics lab.
  • Lack of Smart Classrooms


  1. Future Plans                                           :


  • Arrangements of high performance computers in software lab and well maintain hardware and software labs.
  • Increases the strength of class rooms.
  • Increase of Computer Systems
  • Starting and enhancing of departmental library.
  • Industrial relationship.
  • Industry visit to learn about real life projects.
  • Guiding potential students leading to research paper publication.



  1. Alumni                                                       :


  • Dr. Sumana Bandopadhyay, works as Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science, Prabhu Jagabandhu College (Under University of Calcutta), Andul.
  • Rupali Sarkar, works as Assistant Professor in Birati College.
  • Satadipa  Singha, works as Assistant Manager in United Bank of India.
  • Atryee Ghosh, working in CTS.
  • Anwesha Majumder, working in WBSEDCL.
  • Kakali Seth, working in WBSEDCL.
  • Payel Ghosh, works as Teacher in Shibpur School.
  • Moumita Ghoshal, works as Govt. Aided Part Time Teacher.
  • Sunandana Mukherjee, works as Govt. Aided Part Time Teacher
  • Pabani  Das, student at ISI
  • Moulina  Dey, working in TCS
  • Arjaita Pal, studing M.Tech
  • Aishwarya Sarkar, student of Master Degree, Calcutta University.



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