Latest Updates *The DBT STAR COLLEGE SCHEME is a scheme of Department of Biotechnology, Government of India. Bijoy Krishna Girls' College, Howrah has received the prestigious DBT STAR COLLEGE SCHEME grant for five science departments, namely, Chemistry Mathematics Microbiology Physics and  Zoology

Bijoy Krishna Girls' College, Howrah

Estd : 1st August 1947. Affilliated to University of Calcutta

NCTE approved NAAC B++ (3rd Cycle) accredited College with CPE status

DBT Star College

(ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified)

Code of Conduct Teachers


The staff play a significant role in realizing the vision and goals of the college and contribute by their example and way of life to the development of each student with whom they come in contact. The following Code of Conduct is mandatory for all staff

The staff shall maintain high standards of professional conduct, act with integrity, and in a manner that will contribute to creating a positive image of the college. Every staff member shall therefore - Uphold the ideals of the founder Principal, Dr. Bijoy Krishna Bhattacharyya, and work for the development and realization of the vision and goals of the college, 

They should abide by the rules and regulations of the college, and be diligent and punctual in carrying out all duties. To undertake all duties assigned by or for the University, Department of Higher Education and UGC to which the college is affiliated,  Be keenly interested in the all-round development of students, be polite, honest and candid in their interaction with others

Individuals shall behave in a respectful and courteous manner when dealing with all professional colleagues or other member institutions. 

Those staff in direct contact with a prospective student shall make no promises or assertions with respect to consideration for admission, placement, or award of financial aid that are not consistent with existing policy or within the authority of the institutional representative. Ethical behaviour should be accompanied by respect and courtesy to others in the profession.

Professional behaviour includes:  showing respect for the diversity of viewpoints found among colleagues  refraining from unjustified or unseemly criticism of fellow members, other  institutions, and other organizations  making certain when participating in joint activities that collaborators receive due credit for their contributions  using their office, title and professional associations only for the conduct of official  business.


1)         There will be 36 weeks of direct teaching for a college which has to maintain a 6-day week so that there are at least 180 days of direct teaching for each teacher in each academic year.

  However, a college remaining open for all the 6 days in a week, an individual teacher can stay away from the college for one day for doing academic work like preparing lessons, doing library work or research work or evaluating answer scripts. But every teacher shall ensure that he has at least 180 days of direct teaching per academic year.

Direct teaching hours shall be for a minimum of 16 hours per week for all teachers. Two hours of relaxation can be given for those who are actively engaged in research and/or administrative work.

2)         A teacher must be available in the college for at least 5 hours on each working day. The administration will make an effective programming of the time of a teacher by taking among others, steps like increasing the number of teaching hours, introducing tutorials, arranging counseling programmers and group discussion with students , holding Departmental meeting etc. Such programming will be essential particularly during the slack session of the college;.

It will be obligatory for a teacher to co-operate and assist in carrying out functions relating to educational responsibilities of the college, such as assisting the Principal in processing the applications for admission, advising of counseling the student and assisting in University and college examinations including invigilation and supervision there of as and when Required by the Principal.

3)         (a) Every teacher, including the Principal of a college, shall daily sign attendance register maintained for the purpose, recording the time of arrival and departure, the number of classes allotted and the number of classes taken as well as other duties performed.

            (b ) Every teacher has to fill up an annual self-appraisal report mentioning the number of classes allotted and classes taken throughout the year and other details as prescribed in the approved proforma of such report. These reports shall be part of the Service Book of the teacher. The self-appraisal report and the Service Book shall be kept in the custody of the Principal of the college.                                                                        

4)         In particular and without prejudice to the foregoing provision, a teacher hall perform the following duties:-

a)         to perform invigilation work in any examination for any course of study taught in the college;

b)         to draw routines ;

c)         to carry out assignment for such field work as may necessary for the courses taught in the college;

d)         to assist the Principal with regard to admission of students:

e)         to participate in N.C.C , N.S.S and Sports and Games for the well-being of the students.

f)          to assist the Principal in the management of hostels and messes attached to the college or administered by the college,

g)         to make the internal assessment of students and ;

h)         to evaluate answer scripts of students and undertake any other duty, related any examination conducted by the college and University, on being directed and appointed to do so.