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Bijoy Krishna Girls' College, Howrah

Estd : 1st August 1947. Affilliated to University of Calcutta

NCTE approved NAAC B accredited College with CPE status

(ISO 9001 : 2015 Certified)

Best Practice of College


# Best Practice 1 : Environment Consciousness

Objective of The Practice :

In the changing global scenario every citizen and every stakeholder needs to be made aware about sustainable development with preservation of the qualities of mother earth.

Context & Practice :

  • Situated in the heart of the city of Howrah, Bijoy Krishna Girls' College, Howrah,  boasts of a  splendid campus with lots of green and a small water body. The shades of the spreading branches of the large  Peepal and  Mango trees keep the campus cool.
  • Every year on the occasion of 'Brikshyaropan' in July  students and staff plant  saplings as a part of  tree plantation programme organized by the institution through the NSS wing and all these trees are taken care of and maintained by the gardeners of the institution. The institution has a system for green-auditing of its facilities which is carried out informally by the National Service Scheme and the students of  Department of Botany. Every winter blooming seasonal flowering plants becomes a colourful spectacle and the students and staff and visitors are seen taking pictures in front of them.
  • Solar panels were installed in the campus in 2016 to reduce regular energy consumption and the college has immensely benefitted from the reduced electricity bill. Also care is taken to ensure that the college environment has low levels of carbon emission and low pollution levels so that the campus is healthy for all. The College conducts awareness programmes on energy conservation and adopts measures to ensure that energy is conserved wherever possible. Every department follows a policy of switching on power only when required and switching off when not in use. All electrical and electronic gadgets are constantly monitored to keep them  in satisfactory working condition so that there is no energy wastage. Almost all the computer monitors in use are either LED, LCD or TFT types to ensure minimum usage of electricity and also to reduce the level of radiation.
  • The use of plastic bags is avoided in the campus and the authority is planning to declare the entire campus as “No Plastic Zone”.
  • Students and staff are motivated to use jute bags or cotton bags
  • The college is declared as ‘No Smoking Zone’

Evidence of Success :

  1.  Banmahotsav performed every year
  2.  Campaigning for No Plastic Zone by both staff and students
  3.  All models  of electrical lights and other gadgets are power saving models
  4. Solar panel installed as an alternative energy source

Problems Encountered & Resources Required :

The college having very old structure and electrical system, initially it was an uphill task to replace it with environment friendly gadgets.

Since use of plastic has become a widespread practice, it took all stakeholders a long time to change their mind set and practice


# Best Practice 2:  Academic And Administrative Audit (AAA)

Objective of The Practice :

Academic and Administrative Audit (AAA) is a system to control and maintain high standards in the field of Higher Education. It is playing a vital role in providing quality education to the learners all over the country. It is a continuous process of self-introspection for the better growth of the institution. AAA is in fact a very essential monitoring system in the present day globalized Indian academia. Bijoy Krishna Girls' College , Howrah has adopted AAA practice as a affirmative action towards development of the institution through its IQAC.

Context & Practice :

Every year since 2018 AAA is carried out in the college after formal notification by the Principal. 

An internal AAA committee is constituted with the Principal as the Ex- Officio Chairman, IQAC Coordinator and NAAC Coordinator.  The AAA committee visits all departments, Library, sports section, Science Laboratories, Computer Laboratories, Laboratory of Geography,  NSS office, office of the college and other offices. The faculty members make PPT presentation about the performance about their respective departments and the members of the AAA Committee interact with them to assess the academic and administrative performance.

The AAA Committee interacts with all stakeholders namely students, teachers, non-teaching staff and support staff  to assess the academic and administrative performance of the department. Other general facilities like drinking water, wash rooms, class rooms, ventilation and lighting are also inspected.

Evidence of Success :

Teaching faculty of the college forms a strong backbone of teaching, learning, research, publication and over all academic development. A sincere effort has been made by everyone in documenting the status of their department and identifying the strong points and the weaknesses. Many of them have undertaken research activities and availed of major and minor research projects. Some of the faculty have been associated with literary, cultural and social organizations and contributed in their own way to make their identity felt by others. All of them are committed and working as a team to achieve the academic excellence.

The administrative body of the college is overwhelmingly supportive of the progress of the college. The AAA report are placed in the Governing Body where a complete SWOT analysis is done. Departments are ranked according to their performance. Measures are adopted to rectify all lacunae that exists at different levels. AAA has in fact paved the way for a continuous quality upgradation for the institute and excellence per se.

Problems Encountered & Resources Required :

  • ICT training was needed before any progress could be made
  • Training was also needed for documentation process and record keeping